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V.R.Systems @Glance
Has vast experience of 35 years and has worked in several senior administrative positions in Government as well as Private sectors. He has got rich experience behind him and gives highly experienced & valuable guidance to company.He has been core strength of the company ever since the company was incorporated.
Is a technocrat and an Instrumentation Engineer by profession. He has a rich experience in process Industry of almost 18 years and have earlier worked with World’s largest instrumentation company Emerson Process Management (formerly known as Fisher-Rosemount).
Attracts and retains, at every level of the company, people who represent the highest standards of excellence and integrity.We seek motivated, committed and actively involved employees.
Our Strength is our people. we have a strong & highly motivated team. Our people are qualified, well experienced. We provide the best support to the industry. Our contribution is supervising & commissioning of the projects have been well appreciated by all the Indian & Overseas organizations with whom we had an opportunity to work with. Marketing Executives always aim at providing total and optimum solutions to the users. We owe them our thanks as they were achieving the excellent results in our core business. They advance the whole company through their enormous dedication, constant innovation and entrepreneurial mindset in the different section of company
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